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Conrad The Crab Drinks Holder/Cooler

Conrad The Crab Drinks Holder/Cooler

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Conrad doesn’t just chill the drinks he holds them for you as well - one in each claw.

With bags of character and large cheeky eyes Conrad is ever ready to get the party started in style.

As a drinks tub he’s very portable meaning the drinks go wherever you go.

He’s superb for commercial and domestic affairs and will sit very neatly next to the dining table keeping the drinks cool and generally providing a talking point with the diners themselves.

He’s also got a bottle opener on the back.

Genuinely up-cycled from disused shipping drums and other scrap metals each and every one is hand cut and finished in exacting detail.

The tough lacquer paint is applied in multiple layers by hand meaning Conrad is perfectly happy outside all year round.

A snappy little addition to any home!


Height: 45.5cm

Width: 74.5cm

Depth: 52.5cm

Available in Original and Coastal

Conrad is Made from Recycled Oil Drums so colours may vary slightly as no two Conrad's are the same!

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