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Bluetooth Wall Heater With Speakers

Bluetooth Wall Heater With Speakers

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With speakers at either end and a heater in the middle you can control the heat and the music direct from your phone! Download the App and off you go! 

These heaters also have an IP65 rating for better waterproofing ...

Quality Specifications ...
  • New Party patio heater with Bluetooth control and Bluetooth speaker.
  • 4 high quality speakers.
  • Enjoy the music while feeling the warm at the same time.
  • Support Bluetooth smart technology (based on Bluetooth v4.1).
  • Use iOS and android system to control heater (ON-OFF, dimming, timing, Beat).
  • Six steps remote control with on / off button.
  • 1 Smart phone can control and re-name multi heaters (up to 1000pcs).
  • End-users can update software in order to get new functions.
  • IP65 grants the possibility to use the heater in wet and dusty conditions.
  • Grand size and extra reflector to give 1)higher heating efficiency; 2)cooler heater body.
  • Easy to replace lamp (easy fitting system).
  • Optional to be ULG / ULG+ / Carbon heating lamp.
Dimensions:  Length:950mm Width:180mm Height:140mm Weight: 5kg Power: 2000w Voltage: 220-240v
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